Sail Newport Rumble

6 July 2017

NEWPORT, R.I. (Jul. 6, 2017) - In the height of a Newport summer, the only thing more happening than the nightlife on Thames Street is the sailboat racing on Narragansett Bay. Thirsty sailors from around the world have arrived for the Sail Newport Regatta, hosted by Sail Newport marking the third event of the 2017 Melges 20 World League, North American Division. Beginning on Friday, July 7th and concluding on the 9th, the Sail Newport Regatta begins the march to the World Championship hosted by the New York Yacht Club taking place October 3-7 and will showcase which teams are looking primed to claim a World title.

Based out of the expansive Sail Newport facility adjacent to Ft. Adams State Park, the Sail Newport Regatta will feature several One-Design classes, headlined by the Melges 20. Taking advantage of the new dockage that is used by the Volvo Ocean Race Newport stopover, the Melges 20 class will be able to spread its wings and enjoy some solid racing, followed by fun, post-race social events each day.

While several teams are based out of the Northeast and call Newport home, several teams have made a long trek to this famous North American sailing destination, including Melges World League overall leader Igor Rytov and his RUSSIAN BOGATYRS team. They have had impressive results in both North America and Europe, so watching their wind up to Worlds will be quite exciting. Chasing Rytov will be a hungry pack of Melges 20s looking not only to climb the standings, but also assert themselves as World Championship contenders.

The usual veteran teams will be on the starting line, and the Sail Newport Regatta will feature several new teams that are looking forward to learning the boat and facing some top flight competition. Ike Babbit and his MOBY team from New Bedford Yacht Club will continue to ride the learning curve, while John Bailey and his team on TALISMAN will be dark horses for a top-ten finish.

Racing begins Friday on the Potter’s Cove course which is North of the Newport Bridge. It will be a real treat for Melges 20 sailors looking to get in on some fun, tactical, flat water sailing.

Visit the Official 2017 Sail Newport Regatta Yachtscoring Event Website

1.) Igor Rytov, RUSSIAN BOGATYRS = 85 pts.
2.) Vladimir Prosikhin, NIKA = 57 pts.
3.) Achille Onorato, MASCALZONE LATINO = 48 pts.
4.) Krzysztof Krempec, MAG TINY = 48 pts.
5.) Rodney Jones, CARS 167; 48 pts.

1.) Drew Freides, PACIFIC YANKEE = 37 pts.
2.) Igor Rytov, RUSSIAN BOGATYRS = 35 pts.
3.) Liam Kilroy, WILDMAN = 32 pts.
4.) Rob Wilber, CINGHIALE = 31 pts.
5.) Jim Wilson, OLEANDER = 29 pts.
2017 Melges 20 World League Results (After Two Events)

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