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Team McLube Hullkote High Performance Speed Polish

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Model # : M20-ACS-HULLKOTE
SKU : 16215
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Product Description

Chosen by Andy, Harry and Charlie as the best for your boat. For some Zenda Speed - use this product!

McLube Sailkote is specially formulated with Dupont Krytox, an easily applied environmentally friendly translucent liquid lubricant specifically designed for marine use.

It dries quickly to a hard, smooth, ultra-slick, hydrophobic dry coating that bonds tenaciously to almost any surface. And because Sailkote is a dry lubricant, it will not attract dirt or contaminants and will not transfer to other surfaces, or you.

Sailkote is typically five times as effective, and lasts much longer than, wax, oil or PTFE based lubricants.