The Melges 20.

Simplicity. The Ultimate Sophistication.

In Performance One Design Racing.

The Next Generation.

Product Specifications
Length 20 ft 6.096 m
Beam 7 ft 2.133 m
Draft 4 ft 6 in 1.374 m
Weight 1,146 lbs 520 kg
Sail Area
Main 172 sq ft 16 m2
Jib 88 sq ft 8.2 m2
Spinnaker 430 sq ft 40 m2

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The Melges 20® fulfills the need for a more compact, yet spacious, fast, well-built sportboat. With its introduction, Melges Performance Sailboats is proud to deliver the next generation of sailboats. An exclusive Reichel Pugh keelboat design, it is advanced in every respect. It will be simple to sail, made with high-quality materials, and easy to rig. It will be beautiful and have a wide appeal to many ages and skill levels.

The same great standard features found on other Melges products — like the Melges 17™, Melges 24™ and Melges 32™ — will be included on the Melges 20. These include a smooth, comfortable deck with a clean, simple layout complemented by a truly cutting-edge design and new, easy, advanced rig setup.

Visit www.melges20.com for additional information about the Melges 20, including downloadable line drawings, design notes and philosophy.

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